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on: April 21, 2017, 07:30:58 AM
Response to Chapter 1: Enclosures

Kerenza was riding to Evermore, as she did several times a week. There was always a need for more supplies, especially the way the Pack went through sweetrolls. More flour and yeast and sugar were needed at least twice a week. More coffee probably once a week, even though Kerenza herself was the main coffee drinker. Then there was fruit, and vegetables. Meat wasn’t a problem at all, ever, not with the game roaming freely in the woods and Infaust off hunting at least daily.  Besides, there were a few people who knew to contact her through the Outlaws’ Refuge, so there was always the chance of mail.

This time, Evermore was different. There was an air of excitement about everyone she saw. Huddles of people gossiping on every street corner, and the merchants she usually dealt with were busy chatting to other people, too. The conversations seemed to be variants on “Have you seen it?” “Yes, I have! What do you think it means?” “I don’t know, what do you think it means?” and round and round. Nothing like the buzz there had been, last week, about the circus coming to Evermore. Or the excitement among the children about the fire eater and her story, afterwards. That had been Jocilyn, Kerenza realised. It was a good thing she hadn’t visited Evermore that day.

Eventually, she got tired of the circular conversations, and interrupted. “What’re y’all talkin’ about? Seen what?” The merchants were delighted to enlighten her, although it took some time before they stopped interrupting one another for long enough for her to get the message. A sending. At the fountain, the one with the statue of Saint Pelin, at the East gate. A Redguard fighting a host of shadowy assailants. A Redguard people recognised, Lord Akabash. How odd, she thought, and pushed her way through the jostling crowds to see for herself.

Yes. There was a Redguard fighting, his opponents simply humanoid shadows. Faint traces of background, the sands she recognised as the Alik’r Desert. What would that sort of sending be doing here? Yes, there were Redguards further south, and yes, Hammerfell was adjacent to Bangkorai. But still, it was at least several days’ ride from here to …oh, the sending was from Sentinel. What did it mean? Why use the magic to send a vision here? Why not somewhere that could send help? Evermore was still wracked by the aftermath of the Imperials’ attempted invasion and the Reachman threat. Queen Arzhela couldn’t spare troops to send to Sentinel.

Just then, her attention shifted. An eddy in the crowd. Someone walking away, a figure in mage’s robes with a staff. It couldn’t be….could it? She hesitated, and the moment was lost, the figure gone. She turned back towards the market stalls. The supplies wouldn’t buy themselves.