Victus Pentharian

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on: April 05, 2017, 02:24:56 PM
Victus Pentharian


Race: Reachman
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Birthsign: The Lover
Hometown: Eagle's Brook
Occupation: Unknown


Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Skin: Golden Pale
Eyecolor: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown
Build: Athletic thin. He is toned from years of combat, but he's not going to win any sort of strength contest.
Distinguishing Features: Victus is marred by his time in the Lion's Guard, bearing several scars over the length of his body - but none so deep or recognizable as the claw marks he earned in Camlorn.


Dress Style: When out of armor, Victus dresses simply. Standard robes, unremarkable tunics, regular fashion colors, plain shoes.
Equipment: Dark-tinted light armor. He has abandoned the blue armor of the Lions Guard, and even those familiar with the styles of Tamriel would likely be unable to recognize the craftsmanship.
Weaponry: When out of armor, he is most often seen without any weaponry at all. When on the battlefield, he most often enters combat bearing a simple iron staff.


Skills: Melee, Sorcery, Manipulation, Deceit
Combat Skills: Victus will often favor single combat when in engagements, seeking out one enemy at a time to strike down or to singe with lightning - though whether this is because some of his honor from the Lions Guard survives in him or because he seeks to prove himself the better of each foe is hard to tell. Above all, however, Victus is intelligent about his engagements. Where he moves, where he stands, how he withdraws, when he lunges, every move is meticulously calculated to try and make the best advantage of the battle as a whole. He is far from a master of warfare and is not always able to read his opponents properly - but he is always learning and rarely makes the same mistake twice.
Magical Skill: Victus employs a fairly seamless blend of staffplay and sorcery that is very indicative of his Reachman ancestry. His personal magic favors lightning almost exclusively in engagements. It was this flavor that had earned him the nickname 'The Stormknight' while he was a part of the Lions Guard. Victus is also capable of summoning Deadric creatures to his assistance and has become increasingly fond of doing so.
Special Abilities: Victus is able to and often does communicate short messages via long-distance projection/telepathy to assist in his schemes.


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Attitude: "And he's quick with a joke, or to light up your smoke, but there's someplace that he'd rather be". Victus is a quick wit and a very intelligent man, prone to philosophy and intrigue when the attention snags him - but otherwise he can seem pretty distant or distracted. Definitely can be seen as aloof or crazed due to his unique way of saying things. He's very picky with his words but he never lies.
His happy and humorous demeanor hides the coldly factual and calculating mind behind his actions. Every interaction is weighed and evaluated and Victus almost never makes any statement or action without well informed motives. He has an almost overwhelming attention to detail and a devious penchant for making even simple circumstances into entertainment or education of some sort.
Likes: Challenges, Debate, Intellectual Pursuits, Winning
Dislikes: Half-made schemes, idiocy, weakness, blind adherence
Religion: Victus pays lip service to any of the Aedra and Daedra as a situation applies: A quick prayer to Kynareth for good weather, to Hircine for a bountiful hunt, to Julianos in solving a problem, or to Nocturnal when hiding or sneaking. He treats each of the Aedra and Daedra with equal standoffishness and largely scoffs at any church or religious followers attempts to tell others how to live their lives.


Origin: Victus was born to Reachman parents in Eagle's Brook, both having fled the Reach during the early days of fighting. He was raised with the children of Eagle's Brook for a short time before being sent to Daggerfall for training and learning. He took a quick liking to the knightly regard the defenders of Daggerfall held and signed up for the Lions Guard the instant he was able.
He served in the Lions Guard for many years, earning the nickname 'The Stormknight' for his mix of lightning magic and defensive fighting. He made friends and thought of the Lions Guard as home. The siege of Camlorn changed that, scarring Victus both physically and mentally. He deserted the Lions Guard immediately after and has become a wanderer since.
-- The circumstances of Victus' departure from the Lion's Guard are not known to the public, but some suspect he is the reason his superior officer died at Camlorn.
-- He has been proven a werewolf in one case, and proven not a werewolf in another, leaving his actual state in doubt.
-- Some of his actions suggest that despite Victus' distaste for the divine as a whole, he is a follower of Azura.
-- Victus receives messages and visitors from persons unknown across the Glenumbra region. Some suggest this is evidence of some sort of spy ring.
Role: Victus serves best as an Anti-Villain type character or Stealth Mentor. He is easily Ambiguously Evil, but Victus' larger goals and schemes most certainly benefit him and his far more than others. He will favor interpersonal interaction and manipulation over direct confrontation but not shy away from fighting should it be required to see his plans to through.
Major Arcana: The Magician
-- Then Let Me Be Evil: Hounded constantly for his heritage, hearing the constant ramblings about divine punishments, and faced with the horrors of Camlorn, Victus has given up attempting to be the Good Shepard and instead finds agreement in the masses getting what they deserve.
-- The Red Mage: Victus is separately quite skilled at melee, lightning magicka, and summoning. He blends all three seamlessly together in combat, the hallmark of his style of fighting, and while it is unlikely he will ever pick up another skillset without abandoning one of these - he is only improving with these in time.
-- Code of Honour: Victus may have broken as a result of what he's been through, but he's not completely lost. He still abides by his own sense of justice and morality... They just aren't the same as everyone else's anymore. And to top it off, he -never- lies.
-- Despair Event Horizon: Camlorn was this for Victus, proving to him that what horrors exist in this world do so for a reason and that humanity deserves what boons -and- disasters it receives. It has pushed Victus to complete amorality.
-- Rogue Agent: Victus has deserted and abandoned the Lion's Guard to go into operation for himself.
-- Dystopia Justifies The Means: Victus genuinely sees a bleaker world as a better world since that would drive mortals to greater achievements. He often will use this as a method to cultivate new allies and sees this as a unique and interesting challenge... If someone is worth his time or effort.
-- Magnificent Bastard: The culmination of what he's become. He has not abandoned the world to evil, but neither is he entirely good either; he prefers guile and tricks rather than the upfront conflict, but doesn't shy away from a fight should it be needed; always follows the 'best tool for the job' mentality, only engaging in what actions will actively bring about his goals. And he's generally likable in conversation despite what most might think of his actions.


Vocal - "Along The Watchtower" by Bear McCreary

Instrumental - "Space Stations Of The Ancients" by Christopher Getman