(History) Change of Pack leadership

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on: April 22, 2017, 04:13:06 AM
A note had been left on the table in their home, the safe place he'd found for them. It read:


I'm going away for a time, not sure how long. Take over Pack leadership for me while I'm away.

Yours, Victus

When she'd finished cursing, Kerenza started to make plans.


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Reply #1 on: April 22, 2017, 04:14:24 AM
{{This is a summary rather than an attempt to accurately retell what took place. Feel free to add writing from your characters' points of view.}}

The Pack assembled, coming to the safe place in ones and twos. As each one entered, Kerenza went through the same explanation.

"Victus left f'a while. Put me in charge 'f the Pack. 'M Pack leader now, y'have the right t'challenge." She hadn't done that with Alimah, had straight-out offered the other woman the Pack. Knowing that Alimah might feel she had the right to it. But the Pack could not survive with divided leadership, and there must be a decision. Alimah had made what Kerenza thought of as the right decision, as did the others.

"Got some things t'tell y'all. First, keepin' Victus' decision that a new recruit has t'be approved by Pack Leader 'n Alimah." She gestured to the muddy, dirty dunmer sitting on the floor. "This 's Infaust, he ain't met Alimah yet. He's got some way t'go, but I think he'll be a good addition t'the Pack."

"Second, we be at truce with Clan Vantell. F'now, anyway. There be a pass-phrase we can use with them - or they with us - t'identify as Pack or Clan. Would rather y'didn't use the phrase unless y'life be in danger with a vamp. Too easy f'them t'get a list 'f us that way. Speakin' 'f which - please let me or Alimah know 'f any vamp uses the phrase t'you. So we can make a list." She grinned. "Pass phrase be 'Gaggin' the Tongues of Skyrim'. Title 'f a dirty book, I believe. We ain't t'hunt - least not 's Wolves - in Wrothgar, Vantells ain't t'hunt 's vamps in Bangkorai."

"Lookin' f'information on a werewolf cure. Not f'us, but in case there be people we can recruit as allies on the basis 'f a cure." She listened to Infaust, Denelias and Aisha, agreed with each of their points and clarified why she wanted information and what she wanted. She also nodded when Arianne remarked that her decision to join the Pack might be affected by knowing whether there was a cure available.

"Still want information on any who would hunt us. Church, Worlogs, anyone else. Lookin' f'new recruits f'Pack, particularly a mage."

"Also heard that Mercien's Hamlet's got people worshippin' Victus as their Lord 'n Saviour. Anyone want t'look into that, could be useful t'know more."

"Plannin' t'keep runnin' these get togethers. Maybe every week, maybe every two. Not always f'Pack business, sometimes just f'spendin' time together as a Pack."