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Title: Kerenza of Ezrasholt
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Name: Kerenza of Ezrasholt
Race: Orc
Gender: Female
Age: late 20s
Birthsign: The Thief
Hometown: Evermore
Occupation: freelance investigator

Height: 6'4"
Build: muscular and stocky
Skin: greenish
Hair: blonde
Eyes: green
Distinguishing features: two small tusks, slightly pointed ears, normally wears a plaited leather band around her forehead. Scars on her body, from most of an adult lifetime spent fighting.Typically laconic speech. Orcish accent.

Wears leather armour of Ancient Orc style, carries a pair of daggers. One is particularly ornate and carries the letters "QB" engraved on the hilt.

Damage dealing. Sneak attacks. Thieving skills.Shadow magics, especially those that heal her while damaging the enemy.
Cooking and brewing.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Watchful, analytic, tends to calm others in her presence.
Very strong sense of duty
Very strong desire to protect her friends

Kerenza was the Chief Daughter of a Stronghold, but after her father was cast down by a new chief she ran away. She's evasive about which Stronghold it was.
Worked as a mercenary for several years.
Then fell in with Cardinal Annabella who offered her a job as a guard with the Dibellan Temple. She took her job very seriously, and made some strong friendships.
Kerenza met and fell for Victus Pentharian, and left the Temple to be with him.  She ended up asking him to make her a werewolf in order to have the strength to protect herself and others. Victus disappeared soon after that, and left Kerenza in charge of the Pack. She has recruited a number of new Wolves, set up a home for them, and forged alliances with the Order of Awen, Ethan Maxwell's Red Crescent Clan and Clan Vantell.